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Handling of tax-exempt

We were going to deal with the tax exemption in the following three stores from 15 September 2012.

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Yaccomaricard launches in New York

The Yaccomaricard collection crossed the Atlantic to New York City earlier this month to show for the first time at Atelier Designers.

Represented by Jill Heppenheimer, whose faith and experience with the brand as a stockist meant she was the ideal candidate for Yaccomaricard USA distributor, the select collection of Yaccomaricard’s signature pieces was met with a hugely positive response and we proudly welcome all the new stockists from across the United States.

The Yaccomaricard USA collection will be out in time for spring and summer 2012.

For further information on stockists please contact Jill Heppenheimer of Toko Enterprises LLC
Telephone: 505/989-9343
Email: toko@yaccomaricardusa.com
Website: www.yaccomaricardusa.com

Yaccomaricard Wholesale News

Spring and Summer 2012
The tone of the Yaccomaricard spring summer 2012 collection is adventurous and diverse. Details of print, weave, stitch and tuck have a hand drawn feel that emanates quality and longevity. Silhouette is precise, yet loose, open to interpretation and comfortable. The palate is pure, energetic colour offset with the ever indispensable neutrals. Fabrics are varied, vibrant, natural and cooling.
The Yaccomaricard core collection of pin tuck shirts has been reintroduced and re worked, resulting in beautiful lightweight shapes adorned with clean detailing. For a showroom appointment please call 020 7436 8576.
The Yaccomaricard spring and summer 2012 collection will be available to view at our central London showroom from July 15th to August 31st by appointment only. The collection will move to the PURE womenswear exhibition from August 7th through to the 9th where we can be found at stand N48/P47. We look forward to welcoming you soon.
Showroom: 78 Margaret Street, London W1W 8SZ  Tel: 020 7436 8576

Yaccomaricard Wholesale News

We would like to express a big thank you to everyone who came to see us at our showroom and at PURE. It was great to see you all and to receive such positive feedback about the Yaccomaricard autumn winter 2011 collection. It was a very well received collection, with the felted knitwear proving popular and the Yaccomaricard fleece lined winter coats once again stealing the show.
We are currently carrying some spring summer stock, as well as extra ranges exclusive to the summer season, at our London showroom so if we can be of any assistance in the mean time with stock or anything at all please do get in touch with us on 020 7436 8576 or send an email to pauline@yaccomaricard.com.
All the best for the season ahead!
London Showroom 78 Margaret Street W1W 8SZ Tel: 020 7436 8576 Fax: 020 7436 6205

Wholesale News
Autumn Winter 2011

This season, Yaccomaricard has built upon the success of 2010’s light weight felted knit collection with a range of cotton knitwear featuring pin tuck detailing. The knitted ranges have strengthened our autumn winter offering, becoming an alternative to detailing, with silhouette, fabric and price the priority. Fleece lined nylon coats are also an important inclusion for the season, with the weather currently dominating consumer fashion choices.
The overall tone of the collection is relaxed and this is reflected in colour, shape and fabric, where hand sheared jerseys sit alongside draped wool in smoky pastels and cosy plump textured cottons sit next to our signature cotton shirts.

January 17th to February 28th the collection is available to view by appointment only at our London showroom. 78 Margaret Street London W1W 8SZ. To arrange a viewing please call 020 7436 8576

February 13th to15th the collection will move to the PURE London Exhibition stand N48/P47